Yeli Pet Supplies

To do the best Pet Supplies to your lovely friends

Yeli Pet Supplies

To do the best Pet Supplies design to your lovely friends

Let's buy something to your lovely frdiends

Best Friends

Maybe you have many think around you. But remenber, you are everything in there woild. There are only you in there eyes.

You are there world

Yeli Style

We like to do colourful design.

Gold Metal

We use gold metal D-ring and buckle, which is beautiful and durable

Patten design

Purple universe and shining stars

Safe and anti-off pet collar and leash

Safe to take off the pet collar and leash, the collar can be used as long as it is directly put on the pet's neck. When the pet is walking slowly, the collar is not tight and very comfortable, but if the pet runs fast, the collar will be tightened to prevent getting lost. Decompression material is also added to prevent the owner from being injured when pulling the rope. Compared with the traditional design, this design is a great improvement. The traditional collar buckle often catches the hair and skin, and sometimes it is difficult to fasten because of too much pet hair. The collar also needs to be adjusted every time, which makes the pet uncomfortable. If your pet move, it is difficult to see the adjustment button clearly with too much pet hair. Anyone who has used traditional pet collars knows that pets are easy to escape during activities, causing their beloved pets to get lost, and this product can be tightened when pets move, so that they will not be lost, and it is safe and comfortable.